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Moker - Translating the Pain

Moker - Translating the Pain
Shiver Records

file under Death metal

Menno: Shiver Records from Belgium manages to put out material from the Belgian underground on a regular basis. Bands like Welkin and Axamenta clearly give Shiver Records a heavier face. After the release of their split-CD with Outkast in 2006, the band Moker once again is privileged to work with Shiver for the release of their debut-record 'Translating the Pain'.

On this record the band shows the listener they know how to make professional music. I don't have a clue how the former split has sounded but I do know that 'Translating the Pain' is a debut with a very professional sound and talented music. For starters; the artwork has been done by the one and only Svencho (Aborted), the record is extremely well-produced (but not over the top) and Moker knows how to make a well-considered mix of brutal death metal, melody and solid metalcore-hooks. Their record won't shake the metal world on its foundations but 'Translating the Pain' really is worth the listen. The band separates them from the masses with a rare phenomenon; one outstanding and smashing song. A good example is 'Last Note'; a song which thanks its potential and feeling to the original and heavy lyrics.

Rating: 77/100 (details)
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