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Iniuria - Lethal Dose (Demo)

Iniuria - Lethal Dose (Demo)

file under Death metal

Menno: Iniuria should be the next big thing from Zwolle in the Dutch death metal world. After a year of hard work without many shows they entered the Vision Sound Studio and recorded the nine tracks which are represented on their first demo 'Lethal Dose'.

Iniuria's goal can be called rather admirable; to play brutal death metal without the despicable influences of keyboards and female vocals. It's undeniable that this five-piece have reached this goal, but the nine (pretty aggressive) songs haven't quiet reached the level of bands such as God Dethroned or Sinister yet. Of course this isn't to be expected from such an inexperienced band but a lot of more work will have to be done if they want to gain fame in and outside the Netherlands. 'Lethal Dose' really has some material worth checking out but it is absolutely no enrichment to the genre. The artwork is plain ugly in my eyes but that's just a matter of opinion. The band clearly put a lot of effort in this release but I'm not confident if they will manage to break through on their own within the immeasurable forest of Dutch death metal.

Rating: 65/100 (details)
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