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its really hard to explain. other people who can scream that i know have said they figured it out themselves and so have i. its really hard to teach someone these things ill try though. to get the idea of what your trying to do, do one of them wisper screams that sound like the BM screams. and if you feel your neck tense up and widen out sorta its the right concept. the tensing up you should be feeling is widening your neck out but you want it more tense so that if you were too look into the mirror in your mouth the dangley thing should go "up" and only the tip of it visable and the flaps on the side should close in to the area the dangly thing is. once you can get all of those you should be able to use a louder voice than a whisper and you should get that sound. so the whole concept is to close your throat up so you get a higher pitched sounds. and again its hard to teach people these things so this may not make any sence at all. hope it helps...
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