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Originally Posted by baptized_in_blood
i recently bought a 7 string, but i wanna change the pick ups.

im thinking of getting emgs 707.

but do i have to get 2 of them? or how does that work?

if so.. would it be better to get an emg 707 and another pick up, not the 707?


Here are some things to consider.
Emg 7 string pickups are bigger than regular 7 string pickups, and routing might be required for them... in that case... i'd just get an x2n-7 if i were you.


emg 707's are muddy as shite, i'd recommend an 81-7 if you MUST go with emgs. My overall recommendation is to skip emg's altogether and go with something with more balls, like an x2n for example.
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