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From their official forum

Rhythm sound:

Ibanez Universe - TC Electronic Integrated Preamplifier -

Contradictions Collapse - Marshall 2003 (I think it's called...)
None - Mesa/Boogie 50 Caliber+
Destroy Erase Improve - Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier
Chaosphere - Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier

(We used a Marshall Bi-Chorus 200 on Chaosphere when we recorded the drums me and Tomas just so we could jam together but then when we recorded the "real guitars" we used the Rectifier and miced my Marshall Lead 800 1960A cabinet with a Neumann TLM193. A REALLY good mic...)

Nevborn Custom (7-string) - TC Electronic Integrated Preamplifier -

Nothing - Line6 POD Pro

Solo Sound:

On CC I used a homemade head called Les Amp through a home made cabinet with a 12" Celestion miced with a Shure SM57 direct into a TC Electronic Chorus + Flanger...

On all the other records (except from Nothing) I used a Mesa/Boogie 50 Caliber+ (with a TC Electronic Parametric Equalizer/Preamp in the loop) through a Rocktron Juice Extractor into the poweramp of a Marshall Bi-Chorus 200 into a Marshall Lead 800 1960A cabinet. phu... I used all kinds of mics... on the earlier stuff - Shure SM57, on DEI Neumann KM84 and on Chaosphere Neumann TLM193...

Then in the controlroom I alwas add my ADA Stereo Tapped Delay and any kind of Delay...
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