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Originally Posted by JonR
The only thing that really distinguishes a minor key from major is the b3. Lose that, and you have a major key, or at least a major mode.


But then, the harmonic minor and melodic minor and every other non-natural scale are based on the fact they have accidentals, so... I take key to only refer to the set of notes the thing is based on.

to be honest, I wouldn't pay attention to where these modes or whatever are commonly used, as least too much. Play the stuff, mess about it, make up some arpeggios out of it, add in notes, form some chords, and make up your own use for the things. Way I've always done it.

And for remembering the intervals, you need to just know the order solid. It's always good to visualise bits across the fretboard too. If you learn the modesand their order, it's possible to look at it as though you are landing on the root of that mode and work your way from there looking at that shape. You just need to know what is where, basically.

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