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Originally Posted by JonR
Those are pretty good names, and I'm not one of those dudes who'd going to say they're "wrong"...
but here's some alternate names I've come across (not necessarily better, but sometimes more fun).

Mode 2: Locrian major 6th
Mode 5: Spanish Phrygian
Mode 7: Ultralocrian
Guess we shouldn't list these unless he asks....

I think Ultralocrian is somewhat appropriate actually.

Yeah, it is tempting to just go and scroll through each Melodic mode for all of it's arpeggios. Oh, and the second mode is nothing to do with Locrian, far too convoluted from Locrian.

Fuck it. With root of A,

A m A m maj 7 A sus 2 A sus 4 A m 6 B m B m 7 B sus 4 B m 6 B 7 sus 4 C aug -(trust III to be completely barren AGAIN) D maj D 7 D sus 2 D 6 E maj E 7 E sus 2 E sus 4 E 7 sus 4 E 7 sus 2 F# dim -(wow, VI is surprisingly barren too) G# dim G# aug G# aug 7

I guess melodic minor is more weird than rich with chords... Oh well... I was thinking of the Superlocrian's interesting overlap of augmented and diminished at the time...

I think I forgot the 7 sus's from the harmonic minor bunch. Oh well...

Anyway, names:

I - Dorian Natural 7th (AKA Melodic Minor) II - Dorian Flat 2nd (AKA Phrygian Natural 6th?) III - Lydian Augmented (AKA Melodic Major (based on trend of previous scales)) IV - Lydian Dominant V - Aeolian Major (aaah! Betcha never thought of that one! :D, AKA Mixolydian Flat 6th) VI - Locrian Natural 2nd VII - Locrian Diminished 4th (or Superlocrian)

I always thought they should have Aeolian Major, or Hindu, as I for a minor key. Oh well...

Originally Posted by fatdanny
Also, check out Autopsy, the vocalist sounds like hes about to eat your grandmother while fucking you in the eye. Brutal.

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