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Before you try that foam mod read my next mod post first. Please! It will not be much but there are a few things I need to explain before the foam mod. I will actually include the details in the foam mod lesson.

I seen your thread about solder irons too. Both of your choices will serve you well even though there are other crazy expensive irons on the market that do many other functions. Expensive solder irons do have a place in the world, but for most music project mods the irons you posted in your thread are beyond perfect. 15-30W pencil irons are the max anyone should use for basic electronic soldering. Practice is all that is needed, but reading a few guides will definitely help too. Tinning is about the most important thing you can ever do when soldering electronics. This isn't rocket science after all

Edit: Btw, oxygen free cable is a sales hype in most cases. Mogami uses the words "oxygen free" to, but any wire that is insulated correctly shouldn't oxidize even in a hundred years.
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