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Ok, I can see people are viewing the thread but what disturbs me is that no one is asking questions all of a sudden. I need to know if anyone is getting shit out of this thread or I will stop wasting my time. I have a lot of knowledge to share but damn wasting my time typing it out.

I've opened myself up here so ask away. This thread is about easy mods. Predators are waiting to charge you at least 3x more than what I'm given for free. I've hidden secrets for years, thinking it would give me a musical edge, but the only real edge is hard work. Now is the chance for me to share more. No one will be able to take your cash on over priced shit if you read my post, but give me some input or I will share no more.

If you read me then post or I'm going to stop posting my brain dead upgrades I can spend my time in better ways.
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