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Custom quality speaker cable construction

Now for the speaker cable. It is basically the same process as instrument cable construction but with balanced cable.

Mogami w3103 2/12 AWG conductor speaker cable is what I use. Avoid 4 conductor in quad configuration cable; its good for triamping only and not ideal for short runs between amp heads and cabs. Do I use w3103 because I have a hard-on for Mogami cables? Not at all. Again, I put hundreds of hours comparing stats and performance test results into dozens of different speaker cables before coming to my final choice. It surprised me that Mogami was again the superior choice. This stuff cost a lot but the good news is you shouldn't need but a few feet of the stuff. Best price I've ever seen for this cable. This is were I got mine. The bad news is the shit is thick ( just under 1/2" in diameter ) and there are not many phone plugs that can accept the stuff.

G&H MEGAFOOT plugs are the only things I know of that will accept this cable snug. They all cost about the same everywhere. They are actually very nice high quality plugs.

And thats it. Solder it all together and remember to tin the cable stands and plug terminals first. I like to add some shrink wrap around the plug and cable for add protection and stability.

Summary: This cable makes a huge difference in tone and will not cost you much to make compared to buying it pre-made. Any question?

Good luck
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