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Originally Posted by God-Free
ah yes this is how i know the scale by the shapes not by the notes. I just move the shapes i know to fit a different key so i move the shape i know in C to the Fifth fret and i have A Harmonic Minor. Is this Incorrect? Im beginning to under stand intervals now that i've gathered some information on the major scale.

I wondered that about tuning. So if i put my guitar in in C standard i would be playing the shape of C Harmonic Minor that i know on the 8th Fret at the open position?

Dudes Thanks again... This has seriously gave me a huge jump start into understanding the proper use of scales, chords, and arppeggios!

Yes, you'd be playing Harmonic Minor, only it would then be G# Harmonic Minor. Don't even think in fret numbers. Just think intervals, and their order.

Basically, if you are playing those intervals in that order, you are playing Harmoinic Minor.

Next, you should learn their modes methinks.

Aeolian Natural 7th (commonly Harmonic Minor) Locrian Natural 6th Ionian Augmented (commonly Harmonic Minor) Dorian Augmented 4th Phrygian Major (commonly Phrygian Dominant OR Hypo-Harmonic Major) Lydian Augmented 2nd Locrian Diminished 7th (commonly Natural Diminished)

I know I might get a couple of dudes going "oh no, it's actually called this", or maybe I won't, but for those who would state as previous, then these are names that I have come up with and believe are the most accurate based on my own long-developed knowledge of intervallic theory, and not on an Internet scale dictionary of sorts, as handy as they are.

Next, you should jump over to melodic minor. If you thought the world of harmonic minor was vast, well...

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