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Originally Posted by Jopop
Also, after doing Soulinsane's mod, remember that your cable from your amp to your cab is now by far your weakest link - buy a pair of jack plugs and use the biggest wire you can shove into the plugs and solder yourself. I use 10AWG inside my cab and i think i have 12 or 13 AWG speaker wire inside a modified jack plug (cut it open and bent it out).

Absoluely correct, but you spoiled my surprise. The speaker cable is the weakest link after my mod, but it can be nulled with high quality cable and good connectors. I make my own speaker cable with MOGAMI 3103 speaker wire ( 12 AWG dual speaker wire design for outside a speaker cab ) and G&H Megafoot .500 phone connectors to mate my amp and cab.

Edit:I guess I now have to explain how to build your own badass cables next.
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