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Originally Posted by Necrovore

That information is mostly wrong. The EL34 is rated at 25 watts maximum dispassion per tube (35? no.), so is the KT66. KT66 and EL34's have just about nothing in common and sound very far apart sonic-wise. Mullard or whoever had patented the pentode design the EL34 used back in the day, and RCA sure as hell didn't want to pay royalties so they made a license sharing agreement with EMI who has just come up with the Beam Power tube, and came up with the 6L6, who could deliver 19 watts. GEC [the British General Electric company - nothing to do with American GE] then decided to make an equivalent to the 6L6 and, in around 1937, produced the KT66, as a plug in replacement for the 6L6. Disassemble the type designation: Kinkless Tetrode 66. Then later came the 6L6GC. Guess what GC is for? Guitar Combo. These could deliver 30 watts each in AB1 push-pull and handle all the vibrations from the combo chassis.
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