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Originally Posted by belphegor79
Alright, unless you're talking about your father which would make it a fact, is it really necessary to come in calling someone gay, just because you feel differently about something? I didn't state my opinion as fact, but obviously I happen to think my opinion has a good chance of being correct or else I wouldn't have an opinion. No we can't know any of this shit for sure, we can only make educated guesses.

Oh, yeah of course it matters what you believe. Your opinion is no less important than mine. Thanks for your time, jewbag.

LoLz DaD iNsUlTs. Yes it necessary, but I don't necessary feel differently about the issue. I didn't state my views, I just stated the flaws of your first post. If you don't think your post:
"We will kill ourselves by man-made weaponry before we ever come close to changing the temperature of the planet. And before you give me the shit about "oh, well the temp of the planet has risen 1 degree in the last five years", just be hush for a minute. Do you really not believe that earth cycle changes can have a much more profound impact on weather than our use of aqua net?" stated as fact then you have a problem. There are no "I think" 's or anything similar. You're saying "we will kill ourselves..." and then you're saying you're only making an educated guesses?

And no, I was saying what I believe doesn't matter since I have basically no knowledge on the subject. You asked the question "Do you really believe...". Belief is different than fact. Beliefs are subjective, not objective, which is what we want. The question you asked is dumb anyway. "Do you really not believe that earth cycle changes can have a much more profound impact on weather than our use of aqua net?" Do you know how the fucking Earth works? Just because we're currently supposedly in a heat-age doesn't mean shit as we basically have no experience with how the Earth works technically.

Originally Posted by CTL
Extreme climate changes like those caused by a meteor crashing into the Earth can and did kill a dominant species like the dinosaurs. If a similar catastrophe happened to us and we survived, that just means that we are still strong enough to live and that there is no need to make room for something stronger.

Lol I disagree with this. This might mean we're stronger than the dinosaurs, but it's not like a meteor (or possibly a few) hitting the Earth is the strongest catastrophe possible.

Now, you're not saying that exactly, but your view is odd (imo). So the dinosaurs died, but if we survived, it proves that we're stronger than the dinosaurs and don't need to make preparations for something (ourselves to be) stronger? Is this because our fate lies in mother nature's hands and if she wants she could kill us all off but this is a strong enough temporary proof? Is that kinda what you're saying? Got me confused.
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