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Originally Posted by skank nasty
play it in a breakdown instead of a china or as many people have started using the splash.
id still say cowbells are shite, i cant ever see myself using one. when i was in a misfits cover band using the guitarists drums id use the cowbell in stupid places to make the others laugh.

i might join a hip hop band and get a cowbell chrome plated and use it as a blingin ass chain fo sho.

I think Insision are fans of the cowbell. I'm sure one of the blasts in 'We Did Not Come To Heal' has a cowbell...

Cowbells work for any cheesy heavy metal-type song that has a tempo of roughly 130 dotted quarter notes per minute.

Originally Posted by fatdanny
Also, check out Autopsy, the vocalist sounds like hes about to eat your grandmother while fucking you in the eye. Brutal.

Originally Posted by floridadude
I coated the end of a toothpick with Satan's blood and simply wiped it across the top of an omelet. PERFECT!
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