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Originally Posted by Unanything
So are you saying that Aeolian and Ionian are the best? I would have to disagree... Each mode has it's own use. It was a mistake when the Baroque fags did away with the modes. I appreciate that the minor and major scales are the core for the major and minor sounds and I adhere to teh key system, but that's it.

I am definitely not insinuating this at all. How come you think this while I am just updating your knowledge of the history of scales?
There is no opinion in facts.

I am saying that most people prefer the sound of Aeolian and Ionian, and these scales were therefore used more over the past four centuries. They are also used in present music most.
I most of the time write in Dorian (the first melody I ever wrote was in G Dorian, and it is added to the first song my band is making, which is in G Dorian almost the whole time, except for only one or two Eb notes) or in (double) harmonic minor (writing a piece for string quarter and Pianoforte/Harpsichord at the moment) and in hexatonic scale (whole-step). I will notify you when it is finished.

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