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Whats the difference between a Ferrari and a pile of dead babies?
I don't have a Ferrari in my garage!

Why did the baby cross the road?
Because it was chained to a bumper...

How do you make a kid cry even more after molesting it?
You wipe your bloody dick with the kids favourite stuff animal.

Whats the best thing about fucking 21-year olds?

Whats red, covered in pus and screaming?
A skinless baby in a bag of salt.

- Hey Jack, could you coach the cheerleading squad this thursday?
- Is there any chance I'd get laid?
- Jack?! Theyr'e TWELVE years old!
- So is that a yes or..?

This guy is getting down on his girl who has a period. Someone knocks on the door, and the guy who is all bloody in the face goes to open it:
- Holy shit what have you done to your face!?
- I ran into a fucking door...
- Well must've been the toilet-door because you have shit on your chin...

Two guys are sitting in a pool when some semen reaches the surface:
- Are you jacking off!?
- NO! I farted...

What do you do with a deaf-mute girl who you just raped?
You break her fingers so she can't tell.

A homo who has just lost his significant other is at the hospital:
- Could I like, make minced meat sauce of of him?
- No, why would you do that?
- I just want to feel him come out of my ass for the last time...
When faced with a difficult situation, Jesus asks himself, "What would Chuck Norris do?"
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