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whats 18 inches long and makes your mother scream all night?

whats blue and crawls?
a baby in a plastic bag

whats red and sits in the corner/what sits in front of a mirror and gets smaller
a baby shaving its head with a potato peeler

how do you get a baby out a blender
a straw

what do you get when you're killing babies?
a boner

whats yellow and sits at the bottom of a pool?
a baby with slashed floaties

whats green and sits at the bottom of a pool?
same baby 2 weeks later

whats the best thing about a baby learning to crawl?
if they can crawl they can assume the position

whats the best thing about fucking an 8 yr old in the shower?
when her hairs wet she looks six

whats the worst thing about eating bald pussy?
putting the nappy back on

whats easier to get out the back of a truck - furniture or dead babies?
dead babies because you can use a pitchfork

whats the difference between a dead baby and an apple?
you dont come on an apple before you eat it

etc. ad infinitum.
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