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I went and saw the show 2 nights ago and it was incredible.. Vader slammed so fucking hard.. their sound was incredible and the place was tiny as hell.. Origin was incredible.. The Chasm showed up and played too and they weren't on the bill. that was awesome. The Berzerker blew some pretty big nuts. They had alot of sound issues. Their dj-esque drum machine was louder than the rest of the band and got really annoying really fast. But in studio recordings they sound pretty good so I won't hold it against them. Enforsaken played first and they were alright except their clean vocals were a tad cheesy but it was easily dealt with. We didn't get to stay for Immolation. Which was alright the show was incredible still without seeing them. But the place we were at went triple over capacity and the people we were being pussies so we took off. But it was still a damn good show.
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