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Originally Posted by Tattered
Congrats on the fretless! SX arent the greatest basses, but if its your first fretless then thats all you need to get to grips with it of course..

A way to make the B louder is either lower it nearer to the pickup from the bridge saddles.. or heighten the pickup/s..

Roundwounds wont really fuck up the fingerboard if you use the correct vibrato technique (dont go bending the strings from side to side, that will chew the fingerboard up), flatwounds are the proper strings for a fretless bass if you want your finger to stay in mint condition..

Tattered pretty much said it all, but...if you want to use roundwound strings just don't play too rough and it most likely won't shred the fingerboard. After awhile you will notice marks where the strings are, but thats normal wear and tear on a fretless, nothing to worry about. And as for the B string being too quiet...try lowering it closer to the pickup as Tattered mentioned, but not too much or it will be uneven to the rest of the strings. Personally...I think the B string is usually quiet on all 5-string basses, due to such a low frequency and all, but there are ways around that. By the way, is the fingerboard rosewood, maple or ebony?

Good luck, and have fun man fretless opens up a whole new world of bass playing, it's a totally different approach to bass you'll always have something new to learn and keep you busy. Not to mention that it will improve your skills overall...after a few months, you'll notice a big difference in your playing (for the better).

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