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Originally Posted by TangledMortalCoil
coincidentally, i noticed that doug cerrito gets HUGE thanks from Luc Lemay in the liner notes of Gorguts' From Wisdom to Hate ..seemed kinda random to me

Not random at all man, Suffo were a huge influence to Gorguts. Erosion of Sanity indeed was definitely heavily inspired by Effigy of the Forgotten. They both used the same amps too. (Ampeg VH140C's)

Originally Posted by JOAMdude
yah, gorguts pulled some good DM before they expiremented

What's wrong with their more experimental albums? They kicked ass man, and they're still death metal to me. If anything they improved when they found their own sound with Obscura and FWTH.
Originally Posted by far_beyond_sane

(Did you know In Flames had a 2005 album called "Come Clarity"? How prophetic. I think they're trying to tell us all their sperm are dead.)
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