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i've listened to metal since i was maybe 9 or 10, but only began playing guitar after 20 so it's hard to say who made me go start. the guitarists who always made me wish i could play guitar were zakk wylde (i don't like BLS, i am talking about "no rest.." through "no more tears" era ozzy and also his pride & glory side project), jeff hanneman, kirk hammet, marty friedman, bill steer & mike amott. i would say randy rhoads too, because i always thought he was insanely talented, but the recording quality of the records he was on just sounded dull compared to the newer stuff. i came to appreciate him much more after i started playing guitar. still he always sounded incredible to me on "tribute" so that's probably one of my most favorite guitar albums of all. there were also some bands who i was not a huge fan of but loved their guitarists playing and tone, like rocky george of suicidal tendencies, allen west and james murphy in obituary, eddie van halen, and probably others.
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