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Actually my sister got me started playing guitar like 3 years ago, it was some stupid bet where I said I could be better than her in two weeks of playing. She had been playing for 4 years at the time I think.

The guitar players that inspired me to go further and work harder.

Friends - They have given me advice along the way

My guitar Teacher - He's been around since I started playing

Of course my sister all those years ago.

Metallica - They helped pull me into the metal world and play guitar.

Megadeth - They made me want to work harder and get better at my instrument.

Mohammad Scuimez - I've listened to a lot of different guitar players since I got into guitar oriented music, and the band I always go back to is Necrophagist. So he definitely is my favorite guitarist, and has pushed me to work harder.

That's about all.
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