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I use a 3-sided Icon rack which is absolutely ace and never slips, and it's of course ace to have everything exactly where you had stuff last time etc etc.

The only niggle I've got with it is that it makes even more shite to carry around everywhere. Even if you go nuts and buy a nice bag for it or whatever, like your man there said, you still need the top half of each stand and that all adds a lot of weight and a lot of trips up and down stairs (for me, anyway). It grates with me to such an extent that I've recently stopped using it and gone back to stands and I'm much happier that way.

Rack are cool; there's no doubt about that. They look good, they keep everything nice and still and in one piece, they help you refine your setup by being able to make tiny adjustments and know it'll still be there tomorrow etc, and probably most useful of all is they take up a LOT less room on stage than having many stands. But if you have to move it around very often, the fannying around with it will quickly outweigh the advantages.

Almost all the drummers I know who've had them go back to stands, it's usually just the pros who don't have to lug them everywhere themselves who keep them forever.
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