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Originally Posted by Unanything
Well there is a doom band called Aeolian, no wait, I that might have been the name of the album, can't remember...

Aeolian is the key most used in metal music, also named Minor scale, or (in Medieval church masses as second part of the eight-parted mass) hypodorian. The first key used there is D dorian, starting and ending on D:
D E F G A B C d
The second part of the first 'chapter' is D hypodorian:
D E F G A Bb C d
The third scale is phrygian:
E F G A B C D e
The forth is hypophrigian:
E F G A Bb C D e
The fifth scale is lydian, with indeed a hypolylian:
F G A B C D E f
and F G A Bb C D E f
The seventh scale is Myxolydian, followed by Hypomyxolydian (whow: three y's in one word!):
G A B C D E F g
and G A Bb C D E F g.

These were the first church scales.
After lots of discussion, in the 16th century the Aeolian and Ionian scale were added, with their hypo-parallels:
A B C D E F G a
A Bb C D E F G a
and the ionian scales
C D E F G A B c
C D E F G A Bb c

Ever since then, the Aeolian and the Ionian have nearly wiped out the others (survival of the fittest). They are our current Major scale (Ionian) and Minor scale (Aeolian).

Just to keep you up to date with ancient scales

There are lots of minor scales with sharps and flats added (which can no longer be called Aeolian), like Harmonic minor:
A B C D E F G# a
or melodic minor:
A B C D E F# G# a (ascending) and A B C D E F G a (descending), or Hungarian minor:
A B C D# E F G# a
or Chromatic Lydian Inverse (which can also be called Hungarian Phrygian):
A Bb C D# E F G# a
and more of these scales.

I think if a band constantly writes in Aeolian, the music will be VERY boring in the end.

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