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Originally Posted by USS
I am looking for the scale Dimmu Borgir uses in the third riff in the song 'Absolute Sole Right':

E F G Ab B C D#
Anyone having a name for it?
Firstly, this is not the double harmonic scale (as used in Dick Dale's "Misirlou" in Pulp Fiction - see below).
Secondly, I can't find this scale (with E as root) in my huge database of scales.
But it is a mode of a couple of other scales.
If C was the root, it would be the Mela Gangeyabhusani or Raga Gangatarangini (both Indian) or the Sengah scale from Greece:
C D# E F G Ab B = 1-#2-3-4-5-b6-7

2 1 3 1 3 1 1
If F was the root, it would be Mela Nitimati, Raga Nisada or Raga Kaikavasi (all Indian).
F G Ab B C D# E = 1-2-b3-#4-5-#6-7

The double harmonic, btw, based on E (as played in Misirlou), is this:
E F G# A B C D#
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