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Originally posted by *Def-Fx*

Rage Against The Machine, Red Hot Chilli Peppers

yeah try some chilis and rage, ill suggest

Rage against the machine - take the power back (cool bass riff)(well if u can slap)
Red Hot chili peppers- otherside (its a easy but cool song, with a funky bass solo)
Red hot chili peppers - Around the world, (once uve mastered this u can do anything involving picking)

and for a challenge try the classic melodic bass solo performed by cliff burton

Metallica - anesthesia

and when u have advanced (when) move onto some slap and pop and try

Red hot chili peppers - blackeyed blonde (its quite hard to find the real version of it, when ive searched on say 'kazaa' ive only come up with 2 old live tracks which sucks ass, so im gonna have to probably buy the album (freaky styley) also some cool bass riffs on that album too, good luck with your new bass,

what make is it by the way?

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