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if you tune down to B, you will sound like absolute pure shit. don't do it. If your band is dedicated to those low notes, get a 5 string. ADGCF is the lowest i've ever tuned to play a song on my 5 string, except for disturbed (yes i love the believe album - Fuzz rocks The first album blew though) where it is played as a 1/2 step below drop D (Bb Db Ab Db Gb). Messugah uses retardedly low notes (8 string guitars) but i hate them anyways, at least from the few songs i've heard from them. I don't know what the hell their bassist does to get those notes, but i hope he doesn't tune down 2.5 steps.

You know who does that? Amon Amarth's bassist. He plays a 4 string tuned down to BEAD with a pick and when he has a solo part (just a line, not a shred solo thing, lol@the thought of him being able to do that) he plays with distortion. The line is cool, but holy freaking crap the bass sounds god awful.

Anyways i apologize for the band-bashing i didn't mean this post to be this way but i had to use examples. In short, if you downtune that low, you will play with an annoying, clanky sound. If you stay at a reasonable tuning (no more than 1 step down) you will sound much more professional and have much more control. You will sound like you have control over your bass. Even when playing in D standard, I get a lot of clanky sounds. It's hard to avoid.

Oh and PS: another example: listen to Suffocation by Morbid Angel and when you here the very short bass line, that will give you a clue as to the uncontrolled and nasty sound you get from downtuning. I thought that they didn't use Bb tuning at all in Altars (i never learned more than 1 or 2 songs off the album), but from the sound of Vincent's bass it seems they did.
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