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Originally Posted by Cunty Shunt
Blackcore kinda does exist...the band Teen Cthulhu.

I hate this genra so much. They ruin the credibility of actual death metal.

I saw Job For A Cowboy open for Necrophagist, total garbage. The worst part was that most of the people left after they played and there was a smaller crowd for Necrophagist.

Personaly I think actual Death Metal is better than Deathcore. Most DC bands sound the same-Growls with Pig Sqeels, Blast Beats and breakdowns.

I find it funny though, scene kids listen to DC to look cool. You see Job For A Cowboy mixed in with fucking Fall Out Boy and some mediocre Metalcore in their musical choices.

But it is the best -core sub-genre.

But you know what will really have the Black Metal Militia ready to go to war? Unblack Metal--Christian Black Metal. Look it up on Wiki for the story.
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