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Originally Posted by PST 88
My guess would be that this hasn't been updated for the following reasons:

1. Avatars are stupid.
2. Avatars are unnecessary, frivolous pieces of meaningless, ostentatious ornamentation.
3. Strict rule engender creativity (necessity, invention).
4. You'd have to have a lot invested in a small picture next to a name you've made up to talk to people you don't know in a location that doesn't exist to really want something better than what you've already got, and it's really better for you as a person if you invest that energy elsewhere.
5. Avatars are still stupid.

In other words, waste your worrying on something else. This couldn't be less important if it were a bowl of oatmeal.

He's not denying he possesses any of those properties, therefore he is not a hipocrite.
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