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I am screaming and grunting for up to four years now, and this is how it worked for me:

I started with the first After Forever CD (Prison of Desire) and tried to imitate Sander Gommans, which the first months went quite bad, because I was gorgling rather than grunting. It sounded like nothing at all. It was even worse than Robert Westerholt from Within Temptation. Then my brother sayd that even a bass guitar would sound harder than me, so I tried to make it sound harder. Had problems with it first, but some months practice helps alot. I then bought the second After Forever CD (Decypher) and went on.
Good hint between the lines: do not try to imitate Robert from WT, because it is fucked up.
Some times after that (about half a year) I decided to try grunt things from Dimmu Borgir, and I am two years further. Now everyone in my prev highschool liking grunts wants me to teach them. I of course say 'no' everytime, because you have to teach it yourself by listening to ones that CAN grunt.

You'll have to force your voice (not too much in the beginning, for you'll get very sick then), else you will not hear any grunt.

The grunters considered good in this forum most of the time ARE good. So try them out.

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