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Disincarnate - Dreams of the Carrion Kind (Re-release)

Disincarnate - Dreams of the Carrion Kind (Re-release)
Displeased Records

file under Death metal

Menno: WUARGH!! Awesome! It's here at last, the reissue of Disincarnation's first and final album. Disincarnation? You know; the project of the one and only James Murphy, one of the world's most acknowledged death metal guitarists. In the early nineties the death metal scene was dominated by bands like Obituary, Cancer and Death, and James Murphy happened to have shredded in all three of them. Despite the success of Obituary's Cause of Death and Death's Spiritual Healing, mister Murphy still had some material he found not suitable for his, at that time, current bands. In 1992 he met three young and ambitious musicians, Bryan Cegon, Jason Carman and Tommy Viation, all three more than willing to help James with his project. Disincarnate was born and attracted lots of attention with their 1993 record 'Dreams of the Carrion Mind'.

Even though the record contains music that didn't fit into Murphy's running bands, the songs aren't very different from those of the aforementioned. A very, very heavy sound (thank god for saving that on this reissue) and brutal death metal with a hint of doom bring the listeners in a time-lapse directly to the days when death metal ruled the earth. Fast and furious parts (Death) are easily combined with slow and utterly brutal passages (Obituary). Murphy's berserk solos are the icing on the cake and make the record complete.

It would be pointless to give this effort a score, dear reader. For both you and I know that somebody like James Murphy always delivers. Especially when you find out that as an extra, the complete 'Soul Erosion' demo is added to the package. The booklet has more than interesting liner-notes, a bio by the well respected critic Don Kaye and a nice history of the band by James. This needs no further consideration. Go get it!

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