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The County Medical Examiners - Olidous Operettas

file under Death metal

Menno: It is said that the second record makes or breaks a band. The debut often leaves an impression which has to be exceeded by the follow-up. If this can't be done, the band is given the title of a oneday-fly. All this is complete bullshit concerning this CD, for we are, again, talking about the beautiful profession called grindcore. Carcass' grindcore, that is.

The County Medical Examiners has to be one of the more interesting bandnames around, but it seems rather logical if you take in mind the fact these guys are actual practitioners, all over 40 years in age! Now things are getting interesting. The three men appear to have a shared love for the grind legends of Carcass and they decided to start a tribute-act. Since then, the band has grown to one of the most respected bands in the underground scene with two full-lengths and a split with General Surgery in their portfolio.

The three doctors obviously are well trained in this grinding profession; filthy guitars, pounding drums and every now and then some sick pitchshifter-vocals to give the medically precise lyrics a bloody edge. This obviously sounds like Carcass, but the band is the first to admit it. Luckily it's not all bashing and grinding; they aren't afraid of swinging in a melodic solo here and there, the bass even gets this honour during 'Casper's Dictum', which provides for a unique sound. A very decent record in retrospect, and surely not one of those average new death/grind records with which we are flooded today.

Rating: 80/100 (details)
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