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THE COUNTY MEDICAL EXAMINERS "Olidous Operettas" (2007)

"Olidous Operettas"
Relapse Records

Eight slabs of pure, shameless Carcass worship. That's all, in fact you can stop reading here. If you didn't already know, The County Medical Examiners are proud to be Carcass clones, literally just taking Carcass riffs and tweaking them slightly to make new material. They've also nailed down the tones, the lead styles, the vocals, even the reverb on the drums.. everything but Bill Steer's kitchen sink. If you're an obsessive Carcass fan, you could make a nice game of listening to this album and calling out which songs and riffs they are dissecting and rearranging. The best thing about this album is that it's basically like getting another copy of Symphonies of Sickness, only this one is hiny and new, and you haven't heard it tens of thousand of times (technically). Actually, I suppose it belongs right in between Symphonies and Necroticism. Anyway, this is a short review because all that really needs to be said is that fans of older Carcass better pick this up immediately. I hope the former Carcass members find his downright flattering and well-done. While Bill Steer may never even give it the time of day, hopefully the rest of them will entertain it and chuckle. This is the closest you will get to stepping into a time machine and going back to the early 90s when this was fresh material. Excellent.. my favorite disc of 2007 so far, and this will be a hard one to beat.
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