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Originally Posted by Me himself
I don't doubt for one moment that given a certain amount of talent and creativity, some great metal can be produced with only a single bass pedal... even today, as far as metal has been pushed. Sometimes less is more and we lose sight of the essential role that simplicity has in all musical compositions.

And fun.

I'm in two bands at the moment - one full-blown thrash band with double bass in every song and all the rest of it. The other (which I've only just joined) is an old style DC hardcore/punk band - so think of Minor Threat, TSOL, MDC, Black Flag etc etc. I use a 4 piece kit and a single pedal, one crash, one crash/ride and hats. It's the best BEST fun I've had in such a long time - I can just play and groove and not think about anything but the fucking huge grin on my face.

I think metal *can* suck the fun out of creating music if you get too tied up in the brat race of fast double bass and blasts and agonising over what bpm you're playing at. I haven't a clue what bpm the songs in my new band are, all I know is they've given my drumming a real kick up the arse that I've needed for a long time.
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