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Originally Posted by tmfreak
Any good? and if so why?

I am thoroughly enjoying it. For a start, I find it addictive. In order to progress quickly you can obtain badges, medals, pins and ribbons. Badges most of the time require a certain amount of time with weapon kits, amount of heals/ammo giving points, hours as a squad leader etc. Pins you can obtain easier in each round eg. 5 kill spree, 10 kill spree, 8 kills with explosives, 5 headshots, 5 roadkills etc, so there's always something to work for. Some ribbons/badges require stupid amounts of time such as 25 hours in air transport. There are about 25-30 unlocks including weapons, a defribrillator, anti-tank/anti-air rifles, grenades, mines, area scan equipment, squad leader spawn beacons etc. You can have up to 64 people in the basic Conquest mode where you reduce the opponents spawn tickets by killing them, or on certain levels holding either half or all of the control points on the map will reduce their tickets slowly. The other game mode, Titan (up to 48 ppl), is slightly more complicated. Rather than just killing, you have to capture missile silos around the Titan maps to reduce the enemy Titan's shield (a sort of flying aircraft carrier). Once either your's or the enemy's shields are down, you can board either your's or the enemies Titan from helicopters, launch pods in APCs or (if close enough) pods from your own titan to attack/defend. Once on board the Titan there are four consoles which have to be destroyed in order to access the Titan core. Once the core is destroyed on either Titan it's game over. The game sounds and looks good as well.
I am ranked 175,825 out of 499,801 so time for another few rounds.

So to answer your question I guess it's intense and exciting.
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