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Cool Cool Stuff to Play

Cradle of Filth:
Hurt and Virtue (very easy)
Thank God for the Suffering (I just like the sound =\ very easy)
Cemetery and Sundown (easy and i posted it here )
Suicide and Other Comforts (easy)
The Black Goddess Rises II (easy)
Serpent Tongue (easy and fun)

Iron Maiden:
Fear of the Dark (FUN and EASY!!!! easily the best song i ever sat down to learn)

Cannibal Corpse:
Pit of Zombies (easy)
I cum blood (easy)
I will kill you (easy)

Iniquity: FUN IN GENERAL!!!
Sidereal Seas (fun and easy)
From Tarnished Soil(easy and fun)

Hecate Enthroned:
Upon the Kingdom Throne (fun)

Vittra (FUN AND EASY!!! i just tabbed it out and posted it... here )
Failing Wings (fun)
Emerging from Her Weepings (FUN AND EASY... ill be posting the tab soon)
... and the rest of the Vittra Album i love to play... ill slowly be posting them... so just hang on Naglfar lovers... =]
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