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Originally posted by mrweijia

a guy plays bass, and he's doing all these tricks and he ends up playing with his teeth/tongue. so, its around his mouth, then all of a sudden, this naked babe with the most beautiful tits gets up, the guy gets an erection. he's standing there in awe, when his bass falls down, breaks off of the straps, and lands on his penis. then it proceeds to fall to the floor, where the strings snap one by one, hitting him in his erection. SNAP!!! SNAP!! SNAP!!! SNAP!! SNAP!! SNAP!! oh yeah, its a 6 string

ahh fuck man, that must can u think of that...well it just goes from the babe with the tits..and ur imagination wanders! lol
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Hey don't talk back buddy. Give your dick size or don't post.
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