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I like to play:

Angel of Death, Agressive Perfector, Raining Blood, South of Heaven, Mandatory Suicide, Postmortem - Slayer
Master of Puppets, Wherever I May Roam, Whiplash, One, The God That Failed, Orion - Metallica
I am the Black Wizards, Inno a Satana, With Strength I Burn, Al Svartr - Emperor
False Dawn - Drudkh
Väkisinkastettu - Enochian Crescent
Buried by Time and Dust, De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas, Freezing Moon - Mayhem
Hymn III, Hymn IV, Hymn VII - Ulver
Stahl Blitz Kalt - Absurd
Fall of Man, Du Nordavind, Raudt og Svart - Arcturus
Last Day in Heaven, Legions of Perkele - Barathrum
23 - Behemoth
Salmon's Gate - Beherit
Jesus' Tod, Dunkelheit - Burzum
Funeral Mist - Funeral Mist
Sick of You - Gwar
Fuel for Hatred, Mother North, Forhekset, K.I.N.G. - Satyricon
God of Impiety - Old Man's Child
Killing Me, Killing You - Sentenced

Not metal, but still awesome:
Late Goodbye, Lift, Carnival of Rust - Poets of the Fall
Usher, Harvest - October Falls

These are the songs I play everytime I take my guitar and start playing. In fact, though, I most likely just play a riff or two from each song, otherwise I wouldn't have time to play these all and sleep and eat etc.
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