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I only do growls and screams, and I can only hold those for 5 or 6 seconds.
I scream using the top of my throat and growl using the lower part. According to Mellisa fucking Cross, this is wrong, yet she wont elaberate on how to actually scream. My throat is sore after I only scream for a song or so (I don't scream for a band, so no rush on building endurance.). I know some of you say "Oh, just build endurence through singing, stopping, drinking water etc. then do it again the next day.".

I heard there is a way to scream other then this that does not hurt at all. I hear Mellisa Cross talk about false cords, but I never heard her say how to actually use them.

Is there soemthing on her DVD I'm missing? Could someone elaberate?

Thanks for any help.
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