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Originally Posted by underaserpentsun
One more question.. Are JJ ECC803's better than JJ ECC83's? Anyone tried them?

From the tubedepot website..
"The new JJ/Tesla ECC803s is a hi-gain 12AX7 that has a spiral wound filament to reduce noise and hum. The construction is different from the JJ ECC83 in that the plates are more conventional, but have a special heat dissipating fin that serves to improve efficiency and gain. If you want that great JJ tone in a hi-gain package, then these are for you."

Also, on the tube depot website when u order tubes you have the options of high-gain, matching, balanced triodes, matched and balanced triodes, low noise and microphonics.. all for extra money. Should I order any of these options? I think I'm gonna get tubes from tubedepot rather than from the local amp guy because I know for sure they will be JJ's and they cost less.

The ECC83's have more gain (have these in my amp)than the ECC803's
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