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darko - they are fairly small..from "head" to tail, i would say they are 2.5" all of the scorps in that genus are pretty small as far as i know. checked on them this afternoon(morning for me hah) and 3 of them were all hanging out under the same piece of cork bark..the other was just chilling out on another piece on the other side of the enclosure. it looked like one of the males tried to mate with her last night...but it was a very tight/awkward position, and there was another male somewhat in the way. its fairly easy to get young from these scorps though..i think i'm all but guaranteed to have some babies one of these days, just by keeping them together. i just hope they don't start fighting over who gets that scorp puntang.

deifiler - i've seen some other pics of a tarantula "playing dead"..pretty funny looking. i've never even attempted to try it before. i don't take them out too often..just here and there with only a few of them. i just try and gauge how their behaving and try to get them to crawl onto me by putting my hand at the edge of the top of their container and just let them keep walking till they are all the way on board..then move my hand away from the tank. my male G. rosea is a different story though..hes the most laid back spider i've ever had, and will 9 times out of 10 just let me scoop him up. once he kinda backed away so i left him alone that time.

thats a pretty cool looking mantid..looks like a bunch of leaves kinda. good camouflage. i've never kept any mantids before.

yea i'm not sure about blondi vs. apophysis. i just always assumed anything in that genus to be pretty much the same size. but you are right..blondi is leagues ahead of apophysis in the pet trade. even two of the reptile stores here have a few blondi. ever see a mature male apophysis? i just saw a picture of one the other day..they get a nice metallic purple/blue coloration to them. very nice just sucks that their time is so limited at that point.
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