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Hah, talking about 'getting the albopilosum out now and then' here's a real old image of mine, taken in Feb 2003. It seems with the majority of spiders that they lose instinct when placed in this position.

Holding spiders is something I never really did unless I wound up with a spider on me, or for crude sexing purposes based on morphology... Oh and the occasional arty shot

As for the blondi... I've done my time with that species, and reactions to the urticating hairs just got progressivly worse over a period of seven years or so. I had a huge female we dubbed "War Bastard" and she had an abdomen the size of a tennis ball. In the genus though, Theraphosa apophysis is debatedly known as 'the largest spider' due to the leg spans they can attain, but blondi holds the title based on factors such as sheer bulk, availabilty, and how prominent/cliché they are in the pet trade and the media

EDIT: I just found a few more pictures etc that have reminded me of some of the other stuff I've had over the years. Here's a picture of a big Deroplatys desiccata I had for a few years, got a couple of hundred nymphs from her. There's also a picture of my Scolopendra alipes, the favourite the centipede I had. Also attached a picture of a regular male Tegenaria gigantea (our British 'house spiders').
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