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finally put all my Centruroides vittatus together in a communal set up. there are 3 males and one female. i tossed in a few crickets so they could eat if they wanted to. they should be fine, but occasionally they can be cannibalistic. generally, as long as they are fed well, there are plenty of hiding spots and overall room, and they are all about the same size..they will do alright. heres a couple pictures.

complete view of set up.

close up of one of the males exploring his new crib.

and since i was messing around with the scorps..i gave taking another uv photo a try. this time, instead of manually pushing the button, and causing the camera to shift a little, i used the timer function so the camera wouldn't really move at all. it came out a little more clear..but i think if i tweak some things, i might be able to get something a little better looking.
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