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Originally Posted by blizzard_beast

haha damn thats pretty crazy. poor mozart.

got my box o' spiders from a member of this forum that is mainly about spiders. i like buying from other users because the prices are usually pretty good. i ordered a ~2.5" female Brachypelma albopilosum initially..but since it was cold, i used overnight shipping with a heat i asked if he had other spiders for sale to kind of spread out the shipping bill. i wound up getting a 2" Theraphosa blondi, and 3 small Pterinochilus murinus. i ordered two of the P. murinus, but he just threw in an extra for free since he has about 100 or so of them left from a successful breeding.

the whole crew in their new homes

one of the P. murinus..these guys are gonna be pretty feisty when they get older, and will be a nice golden/orange color.

B. albopilosum female. she was pretty calm while i scooted her into her new home...she'll probably be a good spider to take out of her container every now and then.
close up

T. blondi. this pic took me a while to get..because every time i tried to take the lid off, it would run into that flower pot hide. certainly has some attitude...these things are notorious for flicking the hairs on their abdomen, which itches a lot. this is also the largest known species of spider in the world..maxing out at 12" in leg span. some are smaller, some are a little larger. they need higher humidity to thrive, so to combat the possibility of a mite infestation, i'm gonna find some "rolly pollies" don't know the scientific name..i guess they are also called pill bugs? they are the small grey bugs that curl up into a ball when they feel threatened. they'll eat all the left over food remains that would otherwise sit and attract mites.
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