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Originally Posted by TrappedInChaos
I think I uploaded the picture of the pedal. If not, I'll try something else.

ive read into an idea similar to this a couple of years ago, i can see why people would think it would work but you1d have to master a pretty unique technique to stop beaters hitting at the same time. think of 2 duallists one on each bass drum, if you play double bass as standard when your right foot is up the second beater is going to hit at the same time as your left foot when it is down and vice versa.

i beleive that using a standard double pedal or 2 bass drums is the way forward, ive only been playing five years and i can do double bass 16ths at 200bpm. its all about practice, im learning the heal toe technique to save on energy when playing constant. everyone says it and at first it seems like shit but you can instantly master anything, you could take a standard db pedal to 230bpm maybe more but it would be brutally hard. using fancy pedals like the duallist isnt cheating but you arent learning how everyone else does.

my main question from your idea is how would you turn off the beaters? the duallist has the heel button thing to switch between 1 or 2 beaters. having 4 would make that even more complicated.
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