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Originally Posted by northerndarkness
I like EDT too, and I think it has great melody and everything. I thought it all worked on the album. Well, after the original keyboardist left, I didn't care for them at all anymore (i don't remember why) and I didn't listen to Dimmu for maybe a year or so. But then I started listening to them again and even their new stuff is starting to grow on me, and I too agree that they have great variety. What is interesting is how some people say they are too sold out now, but really, no Dimmu album really repeated itself much, so how has money effected their sound?

yeah, i think, in this case, perhaps the sound chang was simply change of interest and ideas in the band members, and not just someone saying "they sold out" just because they dont like the new style... and the fact that they make more money now. which brings me to something. a band, of this status, is obviously making more money after such a long time due to how well they are known. it doesnt make much sense to say that a band sold out, simply because they are popular (through time!) and now sound different. look at Kalmah. the singer did a different vocal for the whole Black Waltz album, rather than the one on the first 3. is it that they sold out? fuck no. it was a choice drivin by the interest of the singer. or possibly even an involuntary change in his voice, in which case, still has nothing to do with money. i have never heard someone say Kalmah has sold out, but it is just an example of change. something i do think could constitute selling out would be purposely changing to make money, no matter how the artist feels about the material, in other words, has stopped caring about the thing that kept them at it through the beginning, passion. and like what you were getting at about dimmu, they didnt know if upcoming releases were going to make more money than previous. in fact, i hear most people bash Death-cult, and i dont like it myself. they people i hear say that are not saying it because they think they sold out, they say it because they simply dont like the music. if they had made another Puritannical, wouldnt that be more like selling out... repeating something that made a lot of money, to make a lot more money. shit, ok, im fuckin tired
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