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Originally Posted by timedragon
yes, and i sent him "in death's embrace" quite some time ago
EDT is my favorite dimmu, by far. but isnt it great that dimmu has that variety! sure other bands have a variety over time, but it just caught my attention how you recommended EDT to Bass', for melody, even though its not your favorite. people usually just tend to recommend their favorite, rather than the more appropriate choice for a topic.

I like EDT too, and I think it has great melody and everything. I thought it all worked on the album. Well, after the original keyboardist left, I didn't care for them at all anymore (i don't remember why) and I didn't listen to Dimmu for maybe a year or so. But then I started listening to them again and even their new stuff is starting to grow on me, and I too agree that they have great variety. What is interesting is how some people say they are too sold out now, but really, no Dimmu album really repeated itself much, so how has money effected their sound?
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