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cool man..those are some kick ass spiders. haven't even heard of a few of the species you listed. which 6 did you wind up keeping?

hah i'm just getting even more nerdy with my hobby. used to read about the shit all day for a while when i was first starting, now i'm just reading more in depth things. i've even gone out hunting for tarantulas, other spiders, scorpions and centipedes. no luck on the tarantulas or centipedes though. there aren't any naturally occurring species here in florida, but there was a population of B. vagans in central florida in some citrus groves.

supposedly a pet dealer or something released some there and i guess there were some gravid females or they just wound up mating out there. the state govt had some people go out and check it out and collect some specimens, then they sent in a crew to kill them all off. (this state has a problem with non native species establishing themselves) i didn't find any, but i was there during the day..want to try again at night. there are still rumors though that they have spread further west, but i got the location from a biologist that was involved in the original team that collected some and had them identified.

haha hows that for nerdy?
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