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I once had a website etc with it all on. Yeah over the last ten years I've mainly kept Theraphosids ('tarantulas') and have bred quite a few species. Yeah, I got 40 spiderlings from a Haplopelma lividum sack about 6 years ago, but later on got around the 200 mark from the Grammastola rosea. It'd take me ages to list the species etc I've had, but I do have loads of pictures I can share etc.

Here's a few off the top of my head I can remember having. Apologies for the scientific naming if it means fuck all to you ha
-Acanthoscurria (geniculata, juruenicola, chacoana)
-Aphonopelma (seemani
-Avicularia (metallica, avicularia, versicolor, purpurea, geroldi)
-Brachypelma (vagans, boehmei, emilia, albopilosum
-Ceratogyrus (bechaunicus, meridionalis
-Citharischius crawshayi
-Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens
-Davus pentaloris
-Ephebopus (murinus, cyagnathus)
-Haplopelma (lividum, schmidti, aureopilosum)
-Hysterocrates gigas
-Lasiodorides polycuspalatus
-Megaphobema (velvetosoma, robustum)
-Nhandu coloratovillosum
-Poecilotheria (regalis, rufiliata, pederseni, formosa, ornata
-Pterinochilus (murinus, lugardi)
-Psalmopoeus (irminia, cambridgei)
-Theraphosa blondi

And a long list of other 'exotic animals', if I made a list it'd probably just come out as if it's bullshit, but keep in mind why would I brag about something nerdy like pets on a metal guitar forum.

But yeah... Even that list seems under half of the size of the ones I can remember typing up back in my nerdy days. Still have a load of pictures but none are really online. Did used to have one called 'the hatchery' but it's no longer alive due to registration fees etc and no time

My interest diminished a bit last year as I left for uni though and retained only about 20 spiders, of which most I progressively sold. I now have a measly 6 spiders with me at uni now... Weak I'm back in the hobby of it all etc, just dorment for the time being, hah.

But yeah... As far as spiders and bugs go I've had them all my life. Spiders are the reason I'm at uni doing a chemistry degree etc. I've a fair bit of experience/access to knowledge etc, so if you have any questions or need help with stuff I can probably help
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